About Lauren

Lauren clutches her laptop while gazing expectantly at her cat Zeus, who stalks dust bunnies atop kitchen cabinets. She wasn’t always this wistful. When she was a kid, she used to lie in the hatchback of her parents’ outrageously orange Ford Pinto during rainstorms, scribbling stories in notebooks she wishes she’d kept.

After graduating with an under-appreciated English degree, she settled into a non-creative career track until her scalp sprouted an unnerving amount of gray hairs and forced her to reevaluate. She started writing fan fiction, then tried blogging about her pet business, but neither kept her interest for long. Luckily, she never lost the urge to share her inner insanity with the outside world. Currently, she is living the dream somewhere near Chicago, tapping furiously on her laptop whenever possible. She lives with two obnoxious black cats who share her snarky worldview.

While Worth the Weight was primarily penned following the death of her favorite feline (Ashley) and amid the current pandemania, she hopes it won’t take as much drama to birth her next novella.

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