Book Recs & Reviews

What I’ve been feasting my eyes on lately

With much of my time eaten up by writing, working, and wondering how this year will play out, I have to be picky about what I read. It’s no secret I prefer romance, the spicier the better, but every once in a while, I break my routine to soak up a different kind of story.

A few months ago, I laid eyes on a book cover that was both gorgeous and intriguing — the young lady was beautiful, but she was also an artist. Not just any artist, but a painter who could both feel and merge into her own paintings. The way she figured out she could do this was when she slipped into Van Gogh’s poppy fields during a stressful afternoon…

To let you fully enjoy the author’s writing for yourself, I’ll direct you to the following blurb, with my review below.

Ice Princess.

That’s what the kids at St Peter’s High call seventeen-year-old Julia Parsons, the girl who doesn’t show emotion. But that all changes when Julia loses the protection of her late mother’s charmed necklace and the emotions that have been locked deep inside her are unleashed. Now, after years of priding herself on being calm, cool and collected, Julia is forced to accept two life-altering revelations—she can feel just as deeply as any other teen and her emotions can make paintings come alive.

As Julia struggles to control her ability, she discovers that her boyfriend, Nick, is trapped inside a mural that she herself created. She enters the wintry world to save him before it’s painted over but quickly realises that a mysterious force is keeping Nick tethered to the work of art.

Unless Julia can learn how to harness the power of her new and unfamiliar emotions, they won’t make it out of the painting alive.


You know those books you put on your TBR list and think you’ll read them sooner or later? This book isn’t one of those. Fling this one to the top of the Read It ASAP pile.

I would give this book six stars if I could! It read like a dream. To say this author has a way with words would be the understatement of the year. She not only ushers you into the story from the very first scene, but by the time she immerses you in her wintry mural on the town wall, your eyes won’t be able to drink the story in fast enough. Her descriptions are so vivid, you feel you’re part of the living, breathing fabric of the mural’s village and its inhabitants.

Julia’s still in high school, but she’s seen more than her share of tragedy. Her mother and boyfriend perished in a fire, and now the locket her mother gave her is missing as well. When forgotten childhood friend Luke tells her tales that are hard to swallow but vaguely familiar, she struggles with overwhelming emotions: how is a necklace, a family curse, and her childhood entwined? And more importantly, how did she just fling herself into a Van Gogh painting? With her aunt’s help, she begins to unravel her secret past, and learns she’s a witch who can open portals into art. Then she learns her boyfriend might not be dead, but trapped inside her own mural, where her mother sent him – along with Luke’s father.

How, and why, the two are trapped in the painting is a twisted tale that had me feverishly flipping pages. But Julia’s running out of time to retrieve the two, because along with convincing them the painting in which they live is not real, she must get them out before it’s painted over to make room for a new one, leaving whoever is trapped inside lost… forever.

To realize this is this author’s debut novel is mind-boggling. I simply can’t wait to see what she writes next!